Tommy Tinsel (word_mojo) wrote,
Tommy Tinsel


Ice cream for breakfast is one of life's truest pleasures.

Especially when there's no other food in the house, so it's only breakfast by default.

I'm terrible at handling emotional situations. A person(a girl, say) is upset about something. I mean, really upset. Then she starts crying. I don't know what to do. Tears stream down her face and I should say something comforting. But what? I'm an alien with an uncomprehending heart and a lead tongue when it comes to these things. So instead I hold her tight and say nothing. When she looks in my eyes I'm sure she sees the helpless look of a deer in headlights. I'm the worst comforting presence ever.

This might seem like strange material to write while I'm eating breakfast, but I forgot to mention it last night.

I spilled ice cream on the key and then I ate it. Keyboards supposedly have even more bacteria than phones. Or almost as much.

Why doesn't licking your finger keep it from being sticky anymore?
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