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2006 Movie Moments

As many expected, given my inability to finish anything ever -- I did not succeed in my 100 movies in one calendar year goal. Burning out as I entered the home stretch, I just could not force myself to go see Rocky Balboa on the last day of the year. But here are 99 moments from the 99 movies I saw, in more or less order of moment preference. For actual movie preference(as well as chronological order), go here:

(Movies are from 2006 unless otherwise specified)

99. Finally, the end credits begin to roll in Night Watch [Timur Bekmambetov, 2004/2006]
98. Ethan Suplee's grandpa complains that Suplee's student movie doesn't have enough killing in Art School Confidential [Terry Zwigoff]
97. The director's name is fucking Stefan Fangmeier in Eragon [Stefan Fangmeier]
96. Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page talk in a coffee shop in Hard Candy [David Slade]
95. An awful lot of flies buzz around Ray Winstone's face in The Proposition [John Hillcoat]
94. Matt Damon plays a gay sociopath again in The Departed [Martin Scorsese]
93. Singer's erection for the Man of Steel is apparent in nearly every frame of Superman Returns [Bryan Singer]
92. The ticket taker asks "How was it?" and I can merely shrug my weary shoulders after Turistas [John Stockwell]
91. Deborah Van Valkenburgh more or less begs Michael Beck to fuck her in The Warriors [Walter Hill, 1979]
90. Wait a second, who is Clive Owen even talking to in Inside Man? [Spike Lee]
89. The men sing and dance in Mountain Patrol [Chuan Lu, 2004/2006]
88. Animated flying in The World [Zhang Ke Jia, 2004]
87. Paul Bettany naked and self-flagellating in the The Da Vinci Code [Ron Howard]
86. A field of blue flowers in A Scanner Darkly [Richard Linklater]
85. Nathan Lopez dresses up for his amateur Miss Universe contest in The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros [Auraeus Solito]
84. Jack Black floats down a pink river in Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny [Liam Lynch]
83. PJ DeBoy hums the national anthem into Jay Brannan's ass in Shortbus [John Cameron Mitchell]
82. A few of the Kids in the Hall play musical chairs in Unaccompanied Minors [Paul Feig]
81. "This part of my life is called: Running" -- The Pursuit of Happyness [Gabriele Muccino]
80. A white girl riding the bus is very clearly frightened by a group of black men banging on the outside window in Crossover [Preston A. Whitmore II]
79. A mother tries to get her 5-year-old daughter to say screw the Dixie Chicks in Shut Up & Sing [Barbara Kopple & Cynthia Peck]
78. Jim Jones sermonizes in sunglasses in Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple [Stanley Nelson]
77. Falling in slow motion is used to comedic effect twice in The Great Yokai War [Takashi Miike]
76. James Franco fires a gun in each hand while also falling in slow-motion in The Holiday [Nancy Myers]
75. James Marsden dies very early in X-Men 3: The Last Stand [Brett Ratner]
74. Eric Schopmeyer calls his girlfriend a bigot in Yellow [Nick Peterson]
73. Roller skating to Slim Thug in ATL [Chris Robinson]
72. "Hell no, I ain't sure. But I think so." -- The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada [Tommy Lee Jones, 2005]
71. Daniel Auteuil puts himself to bed in Cache [Michael Haneke, 2005]
70. Hugh Jackman guzzles the Tree of Life's semen-like sap in The Fountain [Darren Aronofsky]
69. Meeting with high school counselor goes awry in The Grudge 2 [Takashi Shimizu]
68. Soft, idyllic light shines through every window of every flashback in World Trade Center [Oliver Stone]
67. In reply to a polite comment about the potency of his marijuana, Mark Boone Jr. says "Yeah -- I put some meth in it" in Lonesome Jim [Steve Buscemi]
66. Shareeka Epps sells crack to Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson [Ryan Fleck]
65. Rick James in Little Miss Sunshine [Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris]
64. Cyril Raffielli crushes a man's skull with his knee in District B13 [Pierre Morel, 2004/2006]
63. Mark Duplass talks to his dad about relationships in The Puffy Chair [Jay Duplass]
62. Oliver O'Grady discusses, rather flippantly if you aks me, his attraction to small children in Deliver Us From Evil [Amy Berg]
61. Seung-Min Lee tries to assure Justin Rice that it's not like she wanted to date him or anything in Mutual Appreciation [Andrew Bujalski]
60. Chalo Gonzalez momentarily forgets his dead brother's name in Quinceanera [Richard Glatzer & Wash Westmoreland]
59. Rosario Flores fights a bull in Talk to Her [Pedro Almodovar, 2002]
58. Jason Statham bends Amy Smart over a newspaper machine, pumps his fists in the air -- while pumping his hips into Smart -- triumphant, "I'M ALIVE!" as an onlooking crowd cheers in Crank [Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor]
57. Antonio Banderas fails to rape Eva Cobo in Matador [Pedro Almodovar, 1986]
56. Aaron Eckhart explains that of course Big Tobacco doesn't want their customers to die, because then how would they buy more cigarettes in Thank You for Smoking [Kevin Reitman]
55. A crowd of students shout the movie's title over and over in We Are Marshall [McG]
54. Forest Whitaker and James McAvoy trade shirts in The Last King of Scotland [Kevin MacDonald]
53. Nail gun through the face in Final Destination 3 [James Wong]
52. Aaron Stanford becomes the Unlikely Hero in Hills Have Eyes [Alexandre Aja]
51. Jet Li demolishes an entire bar, then walks across the street to start drinking in another in Fearless [Ronny Yu]
50. Phillip Seymour Hoffman kills Michelle Monaghan in Mission: Impossible 3 [J.J. Abrams]
49. In a dispute over who could possibly be at the door, the Meat Man yells, "Well it's sure as hell not for me, I don't even live here!" in Strangers with Candy [Paul Dinello]
48. They emerge, one after another, blood splattered on their raincoats in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance [Chan-wook Park]
47. A disgusted James Cromwell throws his cell phone to his aide in The Queen [Stephen Frears]
46. Hugh Grant and Dennis Quaid share an awkward silence in front of America in American Dreamz [Paul Weitz]
45. Claudette Colbert transforms Miriam Hopkins in The Smiling Lieutenant [Ernst Lubitsch, 1931]
44. Natalie Portman has a shaved head in V for Vendetta [James McTeigue]
43. Gratuitous Penelope Cruz cleavage in Volver [Pedro Almodovar]
42. I would totally bone the hell out of Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls [Bill Condon]
41. Macy Gray drunkenly croons in Idlewild [Bryan Barber]
40. Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Aniston quarrel quite undomestically in The Break-Up [Peyton Reed]
39. Kate Winslet encourages her daughter to "just go in the pool" in Little Children [Todd Field]
38. Jodelle Ferland dances whimsically as blood rains down on her in Silent Hill [Christophe Gans]
37. Emily Mortimer works hard to generate the movie's only tangible romantic chemistry in Match Point [Woody Allen, 2005]
36. Terry Pheto breast feeds a child, more or less at gun point, in Tsotsi [Gavin Hood]
35. Tyrese Gibson beats a man, shouting "Never lay your hands on a woman" exactly one scene after shoving his gun in Meagan Good's face in Waist Deep [Vondie Curtis Hall]
34. Kirsten Dunst swipes a finger of cake frosting, while having her feet massaged in Marie Antoinette [Sofia Coppola]
33. Will Ferrell eats a chocolate-chip cookie in Stranger Than Fiction [Marc Forster]
32. Cross-campus foot race in Brick [Rian Johnson]
31. Perhaps the longest chase in movie history occurs in Casino Royale [Martin Campbell]
30. Colin Farrell and Gong Li dance in Miami Vice [Michael Mann]
29. A yellow traffic light blinks forlornly in the middle of the night in Cars [John Lasseter & Joe Ranft]
28. Sacha Cohen talks about his brother with the funny retardation in Borat [Larry Charles]
27. "Fuckin' snake! Get off my dick!!" -- Snakes on a Plane [David R. Ellis]
26. Wheelchair basketball in Live Flesh [Pedro Almodovar, 1997]
25. Terrorists are a bit nervous right before game time in United 93 [Paul Greengrass]
24. Charlotte Gainsbourg dances with another man in The Science of Sleep [Michel Gondry]
23. Steve-O puts a leech on his eyeball in Jackass: Number Two [Jeff Tremaine]
22. Dave Chapelle tries on suits in Dave Chapelle's Block Party [Michel Gondry]
21. Giant portions of the earth sink under water in An Inconvenient Truth [Davis Guggenheim]
20. Derek Richardson tries to drag himself across the floor in Hostel [Eli Roth]
19. "Pa-pah-rum-pum-pum-puhm-pum-pum-pa!" -- One Hour with You [Ernst Lubitsch, 1929]
18. As the scatology jokes pile on, imiprothrin cracks, "What is this, Mayan Pie?" in Apocalypto [Mel Gibson]
17. Cecilia Cheung is imprisoned in a giant bird cage in The Promise [Kaige Chen]
16. Channing Tatum walks down possibly the most cultured hallway in High School movie history in Step Up [Anne Fletcher]
15. Mark Wahlberg waits to be cut from the team in Invincible [Ericson Core]
14. Eric Bana broods with a gun in his hand in Munich [Steven Spielberg, 2005]
13. Carmen Maura advertises laundry detergent in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown [Pedro Almodovar, 1988]
12. Michael Rooker is so fucking sleazy trying to seduce Elizabeth Banks I start to think he might drool on her in Slither [James Gunn]
11. Aurora Borealis song and dance in Happy Feet [George Miller]
10. Yuko Murata asks Ryoji Takiguchi to please speak more slowly in Babel [Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu]
09. Dinner with the Linscotts in The Black Dahlia [Brian De Palma]
08. Tony Jaa breaks about a million bones in two minutes in The Protector [Prachya Pinkaew]
07. Colin Farrell works his lusty Irishman mojo on 15-year-old Q'Orianka Kilcher in The New World [Terrence Malick, 2005]
06. A knock at the door stops a domestic quarrel and Maurice Chevalier turns to the audience in surprise, "Her Huzzbahnd!" in The Love Parade [Ernst Lubitsch, 1929]
05. Some big, football player-looking dude in the audience starts sobbing uncontrollably at the end of The Family Stone [Thomas Bezucha, 2005]
04. The title card, "The Roughriders win their first game by 62 points" appears in The Heart of the Game [Ward Serrill]
03. One woman just isn't enough for Jim Kelly in Enter the Dragon [Robert Clouse, 1973]
02. Red flares turn the cave into a vision of Hell in The Descent [Neil Marshall]
01. A trip to California is discussed VERY quickly in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls [Russ Meyer, 1970]
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