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All The Lists:

Pretty nice dude:

children of men
the life aquatic with steve zissou
the ten
shaun of the dead
a scanner darkly
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
king of kong: fistful of quarters
little miss sunshine
the big lebowski
the iron giant
six string samurai
no country for old men
pulp fiction
fight club
hot rod

Guy I totally hate forever and almost never agree with at all on anything:

1. there will be blood (paul thomas anderson)
2. punch-drunk love (paul thomas anderson)
3. magnolia (paul thomas anderson)
4. boogie nights (paul thomas anderson)
5. eyes wide shut (stanley kubrick)
6. cache (michael haneke)
7. chungking express (wong kar wai)
8. dogville (lars von trier)
9. synecdoche, new york (charlie kaufman)
10. inland empire (david lynch)
11. mulholland dr. (david lynch)
12. the royal tenenbaums (Weş anderson)
13. dazed and confused (richard linklater)
14. the piano teacher (michael haneke)
15. totally f***ed up (gregg araki)
16. last days (gus van sant)
17. elephant/paranoid park (TIE) (gus van sant)
18. i'm not there (todd haynes)
19. fear and loathing in las vegas (terry gilliam)
20. lost in translation (sofia coppola)

hm: memento (christopher nolan), gomorra (matteo garrone), bad education (pedro almodovar), rachel getting married (jonathan demme), the squid and the whale (noah baumbach), irreversible (gasper noe), crumb (terry zwigoff), mysterious skin (gregg araki), smiley face (gregg araki), se7en (david fincher), fight club (david fincher), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (michel gondry), audition (takashi miike), in the company of men (neil labute), sick (kirby dick), kill bill (quentin tarantino), the devil's rejects (rob zombie), beau travail (claire denis), the loss of sexual innocence (mike figgis)

Guy who lives in Utah and makes indie movies, has a pretty cool Snoopy avatar:

The Royal Tenenbaums
Deconstructing Harry
All About Lily Chou-Chou
Whisper of the Heart
No Country for Old Men
The Big Lebowski
Millennium Actress
After Life
Hot Fuzz
God of Cookery
Mind Game
Citizen Dog
Dead or Alive 2: Birds
Funky Forest: the First Contact
Men Suddenly in Black
The Truman Show
Chungking Express

Guy I don't like at all, kinda seems like a comm hanger-on who doesn't have real opinions about video games:

Ice Age
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Fight Club
Finding Nemo
Kill Bill 1 and 2
I Am Legend
Hot Fuzz

List I posted elsewhere, pretty sure this guy doesn't actually play video games cause he seems to hate having fun:

Werckmeister Harmonies
The Three Colors Trilogy
The Double Life of Veronique
La Commune (Paris, 1871)
Beau Travail
You, The Living
The Saddest Music In The World
Dead Man
Ghost Dog
Jackie Brown
Bad Lieutenant
There Will Be Blood
Inland Empire
Synecdoche, New York
A Brighter Summer Day
The Puppetmaster
The Eel

Guy who is young and friends with someone I really dislike, don't know much about him:

Dead Man
There Will Be Blood
The Happiness of the Katakuris
American Psycho
Hot Fuzz
The Fifth Element
The Big Lebowski
Jackie Brown
The Life Aquatic With Bill Murray

Another young dude who I thought had pretty good taste in movies until I saw his list:

Dead Man
There Will Be Blood
Bird People of China
American Psycho
Shaun of the Dead
The Fifth Element
The Big Lebowski
Jackie Brown
The Life Aquatic With Bill Murray
Starship Troopers

(it's the same as the other dude's cause he was all, oh your list is awesome make that my list also but replace Katakuris and Hot Fuzz and add Starship Troopers)

Some guy I don't even know:

groundhog day
big fish
almost famous
o' horten
hellboy 2
city of god
spirited away
royal tenenbaums
the life aquatic
lars and the real girl
happy, texas
ed wood
demolition man
pan's labyrinth
office space

Some dude who is pretty nice, might have my favorite list although it is so hard to say:

mulholland dr.
as i was moving ahead ocassionally i saw brief glimpses of beauty
dazed and confused
pulp fiction
funny ha ha
the piano teacher
institute benjamenta
velvet goldmine
memories of murder
la vie nouvelle (i saw this a few years ago, i don't know if i'd chose it after rewatching)
my winnipeg
there will be blood

This guy is pretty funny but I otherwise don't know anything about him:

Before Sunset(I really enjoy Linkater's Before films more than Dazed and Confused, which I also enjoy but for less substantial reasons.)
Byoukosu 5 Centimeters
Dead Man
Ghost Dog
I'm Not There
Jackie Brown
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Memories of Murder
Millennium Actress
Spirited Away
Synecdoche, New York
The Thin Red Line(prefer his earlier two films more)
Twilight Samurai

Another guy I think is kinda cool, actually his list might be my favorite aka least disliked except for stuff like Happiness of the Katakuris and American Movie:

let the right one in
porco rosso
the new world
mind game
yi yi
after life/wonderful life
spirited away
werckmeister harmonies
mulholland drive
american movie
funky forest: the first contact
songs from the second floor
pulp fiction
the double life of veronique (technically 1991 but)
happiness of the katakuris
in the mood for love

Guy who is super nice and cool to me but I think if it weren't for that I would probably hate him and want him to die a little:

1.There Will Be Blood
2.The Devil and Daniel Johnston
3.Kill Bill (As a Whole)
4.There Will Be Blood Oops! Don't feel like fixing the numbering.
5.American Beauty
6a.Pulp Fiction
7a. High School Record
8.The Virgin Suicides
9.No Country for Old Men
10.Catch Me If You Can
11.Oh Brother Where Art Thou
12.The Royal Tannenbaums
13.The Edge
14.Fight Club (A satisfying ride, despite my criticisms of its presentation.)
15.American Astronaut
16.Hedwig and the Angry Inch
17.Shaun of the Dead
18.Groundhog Day
19.Lake of Fire

Honorable Mentions:

>The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: Great tone, some awesome shots, but ultimately a little too staid and a little too film school.
>Rushmore: Probably better than Tannenbaums, whatever.
>Reservoir Dogs: Felt like I had to stop listing Tarantino movies, but this should probably be up there.
>Almost Famous: Incredibly charming, but--I dunno--it's sort of "fake good" in some ways, y'know? Not quite up to par with some of the other movies on the list, even though it really resonates.
>A Walk to Beautiful: Just bumped it off the end to fit Gummo in there.

Another dude with a cool avatar and a funny user name:

The Darjeeling Ltd
Synechdoche, NY
Mulholland Dr.
Waltz With Bashir
Children of Men
City of God
There Will Be Blood
Spiderman 2
The Good Shepherd
The Lives of Others
The Baader Meinhof Complex
Pineapple Express
Y Tu Mama Tambien
Donnie Darko (theatrical cut)
The Believe
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